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Free falling into Love

September 28, 2014
Free Falling into Love
Whatever else we may discover…
it seems there is always a new threshold to cross….
a new horizon to kneel and kiss…
a new opening…. 
a way to another possibility………
something we may never have considered…
or couldn’t imagine was open to us……
there is the thrill….
of feeling the presence and energy of love
 in some new way………..

how could the heart turn away to refuse such Joy

what gives one the creative energy to face the unthinkable
and leaves another fearful of the unknown

what reveals beauty to one…….and causes another to see nothing
hope rises in one heart…….

and hopelessness overwhelms another

where do the resources come from that see light in the darkness
and makes another hide in the dark
in the face of great silence

what is it in our natures 
that feels presence in the stillness to some
and only emptiness to others

when we walk to the end of existence
and peer over the edge
what do we see

when we touch into the infinite power to create
what happens to us
all boundaries seem to fall away……

all desire to judge melts into nothingness

blaming is transformed into a gateway of possibilities
love generates energy to face the unknown….
to touch it…
a kiss christens our tongues with words that come alive when we speak
opens our hands to caress the skin of the universe and create
to reflect beauty with color and texture and wonder

what is it that invites one to open the door

 and causes another to close it in fear

the awakening of our ability to create 
is an awakening to life itself

one thing the womb of the heart knows and feels
that the body and mind sometimes forgets… the gift and revelation of love

love becomes a spring of creativity….a fountain of becoming…..a vision of life itself
the spirit carries us into the light and the streaming energy of love…
to the ends of the earth and beyond……… 
opening the eyes of the soul

the spirit of love wraps us in the wings of imagination
giving us….. new life and sweet hope…….faith in the kindness of the unknown…..
love creates new worlds….

flowing and shimmering in the sea of surrendering love….
crowns us with stars……wraps us in moonlight…..and love lowers a wing
to lift us into the welcoming arms of freedom

594_500_csupload_42068818.jpg  paradise

Veil of Mystery

September 19, 2014
Surrender into the passageway
of divine streaming light
to enter the threshold
that disappears into
a depth of God
deeper than we are able
to know
or even imagine
as it spreads out
across an unknown sky
allowing us to fall
into a Silent Presence
hidden portals
leave divine clues
in gateways of splendor
gardens of ethereal dust
glittering with light
fashioned into stars
that guide us
into music
and the pulsing rhythms
of a great spiritual
the master of love awakens
with spiritual touching
cool winds
of unseen veils
and fleecy softness
of dreams bursting into life
the creative journey of a different
kind of ascension
than theology supposes
mystical poetry is not about
playing word games
but a flowing action of love
into the cupped hands
of heart longings
anointing us with silence
offending the ears
with noise that might deaden
our hearing
O give us living words
launched into the unknown
that slide down like melting light
on the inner walls
of intimacy
colors of sweet harmonizing
dancing intuition
and celestial recognition
the world is drowning in noise
saying nothing
now is the moment
we can slip through that hidden portal
of sweet silence
in the open sky of Spirit
the ascending lover
discovers the way
lifted by deep longings
dissolving time
beyond mountainous nebulas
through the dimming
remains of dying stars
immortalized by a requiem mass
of a dreaming Mozart
as new ones are being born
created by love
launching the way
with the light of cosmic play
come into the showering grace
of arias of celestial music
creating the cloudy trails that are
woven into delicate citadels
of waking dreams
creating a new heaven
where we will dwell
and dance in the whispering mist
of the sweet breath of God
only lovers feel



September 16, 2014

beloved   397123_137344406387615_117912128330843_163633_1093053632_n

There is a moment
when a true covenant
is formed
between two friends
who meet in God.

There is a presence
to the unique gift
of a person
that becomes
when each
is fully awake
to the beauty
of the other.

God raises the love
and consecrates
the spirit
between them
with his own
holy spirit.

In that union,
we become friends
across forever.
I am grateful
you are mine.


Sangreal1.jpg  covenant


September 16, 2014


There is a moment
when a true covenant
is formed
between two friends
who meet in God.

There is a presence
to the unique gift
of a person
that becomes
when each
is fully awake
to the beauty
of the other.

God raises the love
and consecrates
the spirit
between them
with his own
holy spirit.

In that union,
we become friends
across forever.
I am grateful
you are mine.


Come with me

September 16, 2014

575626_10150831189752922_1808478232_n  star

Come with me
into the wildness
of God
where we can
share the terror
and the beauty
of a sea
hurled by wind,
the light
from a blinding storm,
and the revelation
of a star.

Come with me
into the deepest
secrets of a woman,
and let the mystery
surround you
and set you free.

Come with me
into the strength
of a man,
and let his surrender
make way for your own.

Come with me
into a labyrinth
of darkness
that can open
the eyes
of your soul.

Come with me
where you have
never gone before,
and I will show
you life.

Let the power
of spirit
flow through
your own
and give birth
to spirit
in the world.

Come with me
and journey
into God.

Let the sweetness
of pure peace
surround you


Creating my Days and Nights

September 15, 2014








CallofFreedom  Rassouli

Oh Beloved who creates the morning

in this moment when dawn appears

touching the horizon

with fingers of light

brightening the sky


First a luminous glow

from the star of the rising sun
divine sparks from an infinite light
the same that gentles the night
simmering flames igniting my heart

Divinely patient you scatter
a skittering light through the leaves
hanging sun stars in my trees
dancing rays play in my room
caressing my laughing eyes

You create a misty haze
brushing the sky ablaze with color
whispering clouds across the blue
I sigh and gasp to know its you
my loving God makes all things new

There is nothing you could not do
as you spread beauty beneath my feet
hang a lingering moon next to the sun
awaken rivering currents of delight
flowing to sweeten my soul

Wildflowers in my hair

your fragrance fills the air
spring comes out of season
melting reason into love
until I feel you everywhere

Your nearness calms my fears
arouses my tears
you surround and summon me
as i surrender everything
you set my spirit free



Painting by Rassouli

The Beloved

September 14, 2014

10641200_796790963718282_7400622247510173240_n.jpg Naomi

THE BELOVED by Naomi Stone

I sometimes feel that I was born to love God, to write and sing of the indwelling Spirit that empowers my life…

I don’t write for recognition, but to share the sacred invitation to every soul to open the heart

to such an intimate relationship that bridges all the opposites connecting the human and divine within ourselves and in all Life.

I call God “the Beloved” in the tradition of the mystics who celebrate the Great Silence and the sweet Mystery beyond our certainty.

I have found great spiritual freedom in loving and discovering the Presence of divine light

in the diversity of the flowing manifestation of creation energy in Nature, in wilderness, in the sharing of our hearts with each other,

and in the sheltering love that sets us free to be!

The songs celebrate the lightness of being, the joy of relationship, and the belovedness I experience as I surrender to the Beloved.

power of love 179165_4201088753479_1542490759_n

“Song of the Beloved”

by Rassouli

The Beloved

The Beloved emerges and

arises from within

divinely created moments

to surprise and startle me awake

from my human slumbering

talks to me in rumbling thunderstorms

in whirling winds

washing away the heat

from parched surfaces

of wilting flowers and thirsty lips

rinsing the dust from the leaves

washing the windows of the world

with dancing raindrops of light

appearing in penetrating minds

and insights

in discoveries of truth

arms of expanding love and open hands

that clasp my own

the waters of life clear away

whatever is confining brilliance

dissolving limitation

revealing flashing potential

beyond my knowing

The Beloved soothes my pain

drowns the empty noise

opens my hearing

and sings to me in a thousand songs

of birds and humming insects

blinking in a glowing firefly

catching the gleaming light from flying fish

leaping from the sea

to glimpse the sky

The Beloved plays with words

rearranges meaning

creates new language

enlightens and brightens

with a laugh that shakes the world

The Beloved sometimes hides in a child

who wants to be held

sometimes in a flower that delights my eyes

sometimes an owl outside my window

watching in the night

a soaring hawk

a clumping elephant

a sleek panther

a clumsy pelican with a beak

full of fish

a wild mustang

a clucking chicken showing her chicks

how to scratch for food

an unfolding story told around a fire

flowing in a whispering stream

roaring in a rushing river

circling in a spinning planet

crawling in an ant

slowly building a mound of dirt

to make a home

or peeking wonderfully

out of the soft petals

of the pinkness of a peony

The Beloved

flows in all that

is entertaining and stunning

beautiful and joyful

awkward and new

strange and familiar

compelling and thrilling

I am bewildered




blood stirring

heart racing

in love with such

endearing diversity and range

ever changing

every encircling me with tenderness

humbling me with scarcity

exalting me with abundance

giving birth to a star

scattering seeds

across the universe

to give birth to more

I am enchanted by such infinite love

by revelation

by the gift of creation

by strong arms

flashing eyes

filled with tears

with love that ever amazes

and forever touches my heart

in disarming and charming ways

The storm that awakens me

quiets into gentle raindrops touching

and cradling me

to rest as every drop

becomes a waking dream

that pools and expands

until the dam breaks

flooding the valleys of my being

with endless beauty

The Beloved makes each moment new

sweeping me into feelings

I have never felt before

leaving me reeling

and feeling like a bride

of a forever life

laced with an enhancing

eternal dance

creating a new story

of all that love can be..

May it always be so…..

(I find descriptions of myself challenging to write, since there is a blessed disappearance into this sacred energy of the flame of love.

 I found my freedom as a mystic, who surrenders to the Beloved, who is far greater than my words can express.

I love the mystery and the cloud of unknowing in the classic sense;

I also love the sharing with so many women who are finding their own voice,

living their lives, and the truth of the Word manifesting, and creating our moments.

I am Naomi, living in the open spaces they call the heartland.

I have raised two sons, and am thrilled to continue to experience their becoming.

Here I share with you their sweetness as young boys, pictured with me as a young mother.)

IMG_0509_1  Naomi, Bryan, and Dan

Naomi Stone: “I am a contemplative, a mystic, a pilgrim, a seeker, a woman deeply in love with the God hidden in all of us,in all of His Creation,

who comes shining out when we least expect it and takes my breath away and breathes me with His sublime Presence in everything.

 I have two sons and loved raising them.

I was a teacher for years, taught at the university level, did some community work,

helped start a hospice in our area,

and worked with patients and families for years.

I am consoled by Nature and the natural world and have embraced the life of a spiritual hermit.”

Naomi - wedding

You may visit Naomi on her website here where she has shared over 700 of her poems over the last four years.

You may contact her via Facebook here.