Creating my Days and Nights








CallofFreedom  Rassouli

Oh Beloved who creates the morning

in this moment when dawn appears

touching the horizon

with fingers of light

brightening the sky


First a luminous glow

from the star of the rising sun
divine sparks from an infinite light
the same that gentles the night
simmering flames igniting my heart

Divinely patient you scatter
a skittering light through the leaves
hanging sun stars in my trees
dancing rays play in my room
caressing my laughing eyes

You create a misty haze
brushing the sky ablaze with color
whispering clouds across the blue
I sigh and gasp to know its you
my loving God makes all things new

There is nothing you could not do
as you spread beauty beneath my feet
hang a lingering moon next to the sun
awaken rivering currents of delight
flowing to sweeten my soul

Wildflowers in my hair

your fragrance fills the air
spring comes out of season
melting reason into love
until I feel you everywhere

Your nearness calms my fears
arouses my tears
you surround and summon me
as i surrender everything
you set my spirit free



Painting by Rassouli