a mystic journey

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love is my shepherd

my outer eyes behold
a spirit of beauty
into the shadows
of a forest of secrets
my breath quickens
the molecules stir and move
in my being as everything
begins to dance

love leaps all distance
to reach the lover
calling the heart
into the mysteries
of breath and life
in sweet shadows and light
dancing in the darkness
seeding a trail of tiny wildflowers
luring us to follow love

the lover has gone too far
into the dense forest
thick with silence
past the point of no return
all paths have grown over
and only love
can guide the soul

the lover blindly steps
into the unknown
following a music
no one else can hear
a soft summoning love
a luminous glow
like a candle in the night

boundaries fade
old ways become a barrier
no more a rescuing ruse
for love is the muse
a portal only
the lover beholds

a warrior cries out
ready to battle
the enemy in the night
the elusive Beloved
still hidden from sight
this is a fight for freedom
to discover love
in this faceless place

the heart is pounding
breaking and aching
in the chest
the warrior carries
only silence as a sword
conquering the sounds
of fears

a deep cry pierces
the silence
as the warrior
calls out for love
through tears
falling into
a sweet embrace

and suddenly
a portal opens
a green valley appears
an open meadow
a spring begins to flow
winds ruffle the hair
and caress the skin

a cooling spirit streaming
with peace
filling the soul
creating a fountain of light
rising in a morning sun
a chalice
overflowing with life

love is my shepherd
my rivering guide
a sheltering grace
a kingdom
of love
forever known
to love alone
my eternal home..

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