Song in the Night

Song in the Night

Pure love is the elegance
the pure essence
the fragrance and flowering
of the love
of the Beloved
the sweetest name of all names
opening our hearts
and souls
to the love
of an eternal spring

There is no place or time
that love
can not fill with grace
no troubles we could imagine
that love
could not transform

The language of love
flows from a poetry
of the heart
settling in the soul
arising in the morning sun
shining in each
sovereign ray to light our way

All creation sings
as we feel
the dancing sway
of love
the music of the sweet
song of the soul

Silence settles over
the inner life
the mystic night
a perfect shelter
and blessed sanctuary
we come
to feel and trust

The tenderness of love
and moves our lives
from moment to moment
a constancy
of kindness flows
as a dearest friend

The Beloved takes our hands
holding them gently
gazing through eyes
softly affirming a deep love
freely given
to shelter and support
the gift of life now and always

The light of love blesses us
with vision and feeling
a transforming Joy
around our shoulders
in a flowing robe
of night
and glowing moonlight

Love is a river of music
the breath
that carries life
through a caressing breeze
the fragrance and essence
of a flowering love

Life unfolds behind a veil
of transparency
a pure lightness of being
free to create
and give birth to the cosmic
beauty of
the spirit of love

Let the spirit flow
in the circling winds
of vision
and the sweet surprise
of divine revelation

Feel the eternal nature
of this exquisite
meant for all
calling us to live
in beauty and peace