Beautiful Spirit of the Beloved

386  spirit traveler

“Spirit Traveler”  Painting by Rassouli

This sacred timeless moment
wears the face of love
as light curls around me
soft transparent tenderness
fills the room
spirit with spinning energy

My Beloved
is my sweet home
there is no waiting for words
to create what I feel
for love has turned from
its graceful flight
anointing my existence
with majestic
lifting the mystical veil
and placing a robe
of golden light around
my shoulders

Love comes in the night
expands in the dawn
and spreads
the glow of the beloved
in a burst of breathless splendor
before me and around me
within me
as a blazing world flames out
surrounding and flooding
with a cooling celestial sea
of luminous light.

Whose eyes are these
who perceive
this glory
dwelling within me
such revelation

Who writes these words
to convey what human eyes
could never see
What spirit moves the life
within my womb

Who fills this cup with vintage wine
brimming and anointing
my grateful heart
reigning over my reality
with a crown and scepter
spun from a golden ray
of the sun

My maiden heart surrenders
to this Lord of Love in
humble adoration
and devotion
yet turns to face
the Beloved
soul to Soul
as i am swept like the wind
into moments of grace

No dream is this as I wander
in golden skies
of the Beloved’s eyes
aware of divine breath
breathing my own
rising and falling
rushing in and breathing out
in a sacred flow

Every last vestige of this
earthly life
falls into belovedness
to grant me
this glorious freedom
to dwell in this
heavenly heart
of God

The moment comes
when it comes
we watch and wait
and dream and
wander through valleys
and scale the walls
and mountains
that only seem to rise
between us
as we journey home

What kingdom awaits you
harbored in
your longing heart

What paradise
is circling
in your soul

How would the event
of your awakening
to your eager eyes

O i implore you
to dare to reach
for the sweet
your restless mind

What secrets
are veiled
in the hidden
of your precious heart….

O Beloved it is you
that forms the dream
of paradise
through the grace
of the love
from which we come
and it is you
who rushes in
to guide us home

Naomi Stone…

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