A New World

1966331_10203575308691296_395554652_o  Valley of gree

A New World

Life flashes into being
blinding our eyes
leaving us wondering
where we are
and why we are here…

Paradise looms
in the hidden
of our memory
and feelings
dance with the beguiling shadows
that awaken us at night

Breezes ruffle the hair
and loosen
our curls to feel
the sweet breath
of the Beloved
guiding us
to love as we are loved

Every cell is on alert
the skin becomes
a scroll
for the messages
of love rolling
off the fingertips
of God

The people’s psalms
may be a well
written cry for
the soothing palm
that quiets our fears
and wipes away
our tears

Every moment
a taste of Eden’s fruit
and the fragrance
of a valley of flowers
to help us
remember paradise

We are summoned
to care
and to share
our new birth here
on earth
by remembering love