The Light of Being

10453078_10204101475445136_3258182956257873847_o spinning light








The flow of creative energy
through the heart and soul
and awakening mind
the sublime spark that activates
the soft brilliance
of the light that ignites
and illuminates
our vision
and perception of life
changes everything
We are reborn
in a thrilling moment
a lightning flash
setting loose an eternal chain
of sacramental moments
beholding the mysterious beauty
and source of a guiding love
Light becomes a beacon
a ray of the divine
a pure revelation
that opens the portals
of spirit
through a call of freedom
to experience
a renaissance and renewal
of our innocence.
We are launched into
an experience of beauty
through a veil
of tears
feeling the gaze
of love.
This is the Beloved
guiding us
into the infinite variation
of creation
of which we are the pinnacle
the reflection
the sun of a touchable sky
a holy echoing silence
the pulsing rhythm
of a divine heart
Beauty is the true nature
of being
and we will spend
the rest of our lives reaching
to express
and live the glory
of the light of love