The veil is lifting

00  98-16-Surrendering

Come play 

in the soft rays 

of dawn

and breathe deeply to catch 

the revelations of dusk


the musky scent 

of night

still clinging 

to the golden veil

of the rising sun



in the surrendered soul 

flows through us 

in the fullness of love 

and finds its expression 

in the awe and wonder of surprise

before our eyes


for the heart 

is a glowing fire

a luminous creator of infinite 

and intimate ways 

we can express 

the voluminous kindness

 in the wild 

and unique grace 

of love


with changing colors

we glimpse

the luminous transparency 

of infinite beauty 


and touching us


we cannot help but share

with caressing 

and open palms

moist with whatever medium

is flowing from us

like silk

as the tip of a flame

writes its secrets through

our vulnerability


Love transforms 

the moment

into something so sacred

we feel the breath

of whispering

when we truly listen

with the heart


a sensual breeze

seems to be

lingering near our lips

softly and tenderly

brushing the skin

like eyelashes


a leaping flame of feeling

sends us reeling

and dancing

to a deep rhythm

hidden in the marvelous


of creativity

unleashed by spirit

into a wilderness

of freedom


a fountain of pure joy

touches the sky

and becomes

a prism of glorious beams

of streaming light 


elegant refrains 

of beauty 

from a music

of silence


O sweet companion

of my soul

how dear you are

love covers the distance

between near and far

and your essence

has become


a precious part

of this 

eternal heart

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