The wine of our becoming

10557442_257336657785664_62630166731075480_n.jpg  wave

Holding out the chalice of the pure wine of love
with both hands……may it find the path through your heart
to glow with light and transparency…..that you might behold
the truth and beauty within you….let the reflections
shimmer like the sun flashing on the ripples of the sea…
as light rides the crest of the rising and falling waves…

Let your garden be filled with flowers of laughter
and water them with your tears……whisper your secrets
as you hide them with the seeds in soft soil
to reach for the light of the beloved…coaxing your growth
and luring you to dance in the arms of intimacy
the stars invite your becoming…

the curving gondola of the mystical moon awaits
your presence in the possibilities of a new dawn..
scattering the rainbows from the colors of you..
upon countless longing hearts waiting to share
the rhythm of your life and the gospels of your soul…
let us sip the sweetness of your song of freedom…


Untitled.jpg Rainbows from the heart

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