the light above all light

the song of night 417084_126060527516003_117912128330843_127824_982538320_n

The moist dew clinging and quivering on the petals
of the newly opening flowers in the mystical garden
shining in the luminous rays of early morning sun
hovering caress like the tears brimming from my eyes….
this sweet elixir… the quintessence of dawn
becomes a new threshold for the visions you let me see
a new being blinking and gazing upon a new world
wide eyed and innocent as if for the first time…

Hearing the crooning of the music you play
with pursed lips upon the flute
as your divine breath soothes and sways and plays
with tender touches through my curls flowing
loosely in the wind leaving me swooning
in tenderness and spinning in the graceful
circling dance of all you create…

The divine light of your countenance
weaves a cover of clouds glowing with stars
a garland of wildflowers as my words
fall helplessly and humbly into your beauty
yet this sacred encounter longs for expression
and the touch of spirit is more real than
any ever known in human existence..

Soft sensual arrows of light enter my heart
bewildering the rhythm to align with yours
to feel the field of radiant energy
that surrounds and follows you
opening the portal of your nearness
as you touch the earth with the spirit
and freedom of the purity of love….


the light within 397140_286305351432143_209171649145514_769578_445676558_n

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