Adorned with garlands of love


amazing-forest- Light

Sweet touch of dawn
awakening me
kissing the last
of lengthening
shadows away that like
to follow joy
and obscure the emanations
of light
that bless the world

Love so fills my eyes
that the gaze
brushes everything in sight
with beauty
using darkness
to deepen
the soft robe
of night
the beloved tenderly places
around my shoulders

Starlight lingers
in my hair
and garlands of secrets
are hidden
in the tiny flowers
clinging to my gown

My countenance is radiant
with the beloved
and the light of day
reveals the Joy
I carry inside
I am helpless to dim the glow
so I treasure the grace
and hide my face…

Laughter dances all
around the room
and the voice of intimacy
has opened
my sacred listening

Night surrounds me
while I close
my eyes
to pretend to sleep
the stars linger
in the morning light
but we are unable to delay
the light of dawn

The birds are already singing
and building nests
with strands
of hair
left in the grass
for love
is in the air

Bewildering dew
like sips of wine
the silvery tongue
of the moon
transforming me into
a living tree
of heaven
in the golden rays
of eternal love


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