Upon awakening….


Upon awakening

the eyes of my heart gaze in awe

into an expanding beauty

to which the truth within my soul

bears witness

as the spirit soars free to dance with thee

the path to love has opened wide

the music of the swirling stars and spinning spheres

creating a celestial ballroom

of flowing space through divine grace

suspending a golden globe

of firelight

spilling flickering patterns of flames

giving life to this existence

through the sweet encounter

of relationship

falling into the embrace

and sacred  touch

of spirit

is much more than we could ever

have known alone

we awaken to

what it is to become real

and feel thy love

opening a portal

within us

creating a cosmic sea

of eternal light

dancing with the sun

10517605_10205193215217948_3030229511955670360_o.jpg spinning

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