Following the glow

Following the glow

The sun rises and casts its rays
upon the earth
touching and warming
the spark
hidden within each and every life
the flame sighs
and sings with the breath
of God
manifesting form
and vision

mystical glimmering beneath
the fallen stardust
on the path
to the entrance
of the castling seclusion
of the beloved
granting us clues
to the secrets of the womb
of creation

spinning and splashing color
across the skies
of the soul
creating worlds
and dancing with the dream
of spirit
the mystic dances
with the invisible glow
of love

brilliant metaphors
play across the vision of life
luring us into beauty
the illusion of matter
far beyond
the reach of grasping hands
who would use it
for themselves alone

spinning trails of light
of illumination
the lovers
discover the passage
to the sweet bliss
of union
while wandering in awe
on the sea of thee


00  flowing toward the beloved.