Sacred realms of mystery


since early morning
to the silences 
where secrets are hidden
tis a kind of infusion
that fills
the awareness
with the energies
of life
whispering stars
spinning silvery light
across the sky
someone tips the moon 
to anoint the eyes
and a veil of tears cleanses 
and clears the vision
mystics are drawn to the lovers
dreamers and saints
to the swamis and monks
the disciples of avatars and prophets
to the artists 
surrendered to God  
through flame and fire
and candlelight  
the rhythm and dance
of the centuries
the divine touch
of the Beloved
transfigures and opens our hearing
and lifts the veil
from all that obscures
the truth
each is called to create
and summoned
to share the gift 
within the molecules 
of being