The visionary kiss of light

10383126_10204259653679493_4428066864947161788_n.jpg anointed with light

The visionary kiss of light

Wandering through the many chambers
of the miracle of beingness
gazing at the colors
and variation of imagination
hearing the music
of the dance of creation
swaying and playing
in the thermals
of the winds of flight

falling in the energy of life
expressing life
laughing at the humor
of a creator
who could visualize
a giraffe
munching leaves
from a treetop

a turtle who hides in
his shell
or an ant balancing
and carrying
crumbs to his humble hole
in the ground

a lumbering elephant
braying and spraying his back
through a trunk
in the rivering flow
of the jungle

a blinking firefly lighting
up the night
a golden dandelion that turns
to fluffy spinning seeds

an earth with changing seasons
when it could have all
been the same
day after day around
the world

who could imagine snow
with every snowflake swirling
into a delicate design
an ocean filled with splendor
and waves moved
by the moon

something new is appearing
human beings of every
shape and size
the gaze
of a million eyes

how blessed we are
to glide
and thrill to this incredible ride
sliding through time
becoming and shedding
identities like
the butterfly sheds
its cocoon and flies on
tiny wings

come dance with me
beneath the moon and stars
just for fun
and feel the sun
renew us with golden light
on a sacred flight
into joy


creating a rainbow

10869581_294782530731629_3192978169236936536_o.jpg  creating a rainbow