Song from the silences of the soul


girl_floating_on_water.jpg  lake

Singing a song
from the sweet swinging silences
swaying within my soul
every moment
a freshness springs
from the earth and sky and sea

All is from Thee
the Love and Creator
of All I see
everything flows through the glow
of the light of your grace
the touches of you are
here and everywhere
forever new
countless expressions
appearing every hour
an unending stream of creative power

manifesting moment by moment
then wiping it clean
changing the scene
to keep it alive and free

beyond time
the divine is sublime
for laughter reigns in the heart
our tears wash away
the sadness
that hides our innocence
and steals
the secret healing
power of play

O my friend
what shall we do today
what shall we make
from these dancing hearts
create us a lake
and we will
drift in the bliss
of a morning swim