The Journey to wholeness

10641088_10206451440432792_4658247966968904071_n.jpg  Rassouli painting

The wonders of the earth overwhelm
and uplift through the beauty
and expressions of life
the power and variation
is humbling
to behold and feel….

There is a divine spark
in every soul
waiting to be seen
and ignited
as a blaze of glory
in the ways we flow
from the source
of all life….

May the gaze of love
warm the heart of each
and every life
that they might thrive
and feel the unconditional
everlasting embrace
and generosity
of the giver of all grace…

Gratefully surrendered
and aligned with the source
of the light of dawn
and the streaming rays
of the sun that warms
the earth….and the moon
that casts a glow
over this glorious garden..

Enchanted by the night skies
and the million eyes
that anoint us with starlight
to brighten the darkness..
perhaps we live in the polarity
to appreciate the creative
gift life truly can be….
for separation is not even
possible in the unity
and oneness of God…


Painting is a playful version of several of Rassouli’s paintings