divine flow

Our longings are fulfilled 
in ways 
we never expected
for love is 
 and spontaneous
 and calling us
 to move 
beyond our little selves
 to touch the greater self 
from which 
we come
we surrender
to the Divine Lover
in variation
in the caressing flow 
of life 
expressing itself
flushed and blushing 
ever grateful
 to realize
 the extraordinary gift
 of the universe 
as the grace and beauty 
of the divine
such an image of flow
soft like a woman’s hair tumbling and nestling 
over the curves of the earth
catching the light
transparent rainbow colors 
 a blessing from the sun
refreshing the earth with the overflowing rains 
from heaven 
renewing sensual stream
of life
am so moved by the beauty 
and tenderness
the infinite generosity  
of God

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