the winds of freedom beauty of flight

Truth has a way of meeting us
in the bracing winds
of freedom

we let loose and cry out
shattering the air
with a piercing
that arises from
the unspoken
and unknown spaces
within ourselves

the call is felt around the world
and beyond
words may not reach
and the tears may not
be shared
by a friend

but the salty flood
from our eyes
helps us find the lightness
of being
as we rise
toward the sun
of silence
where we
can breathe

the wilderness is fresh
and so real
it will not welcome
but rips the veil
from our
and helps us face
the fears
we hide from

the games are over
and we face
a beauty
that forces us to
to be real
or die
to who we might
have been
if we had escaped
whatever it is that confines
and holds us

love invites
us to fly without wings
to soar
to dance and find
our joy
daring to
truth as a friend
a light
that awakens
and touches us with
a beauty that
and exalts us
that we might behold
the radiance
of our being

the surprise awaits us
moment to moment
when we
the truth
hidden in the light
of love


(where a wild rose can grow)

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2 Responses to “the winds of freedom”

  1. Christine Says:

    Wow, wow, wow… So beautiful. I love your writings… Thank you…

  2. Janna Lovchinova Says:

    Beautiful poetry!

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