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The Arrival

June 23, 2015

A moment of revelation
when the Mystery arrives
in glorious transparency of Spirit
a beauty beyond our reach of words
radiant and truly sacred
and we surrender to our highest and deepest Joy..


A new painting by Freydoon Rassouli

“The Arrival”

The flowing spring of the Beloved

June 18, 2015

When we find the spring
of intimacy
and tenderness
within us
and are no longer afraid
to express the light
and beauty
hidden there
we loosen the chains
that imprison
and bind our wholeness
setting us all free
to create
and share in the flow
of the glowing love
and the rushing
eternal spring of the Beloved

Rassouli-figurative- (1).jpg Eternal Flow

The Light and Unity of the indwelling Spirit within our being

June 15, 2015

Eternal Annexation (1)

We are all one in the golden light of love

in ways

we cannot yet bear

to comprehend …

to feel…

to live in the purity of our conception…

……..our unfolding.

….the flowering of the fullness

of divine light…

we vanish

as a separate self..

and discover our becoming

in a new birth

of a brilliant radiance

of belovedness..

Our existence is manifested

in the love

which brought light to the universe…..

and the rays

as the gaze that illuminates

our experiencing of the light within

our own hearts and souls

………the deepest and most profound intimacy possible

between our humanity

and our divinity…


  • Ajit Sripad Rao yes…to bear the unbearable beauty…one must be willing to be shattered, even to the flesh, by the highest love…
  • Naomi Stone Oh yes……
  •  Image by Rassouli

Beholding an eternal moment

June 15, 2015


We gaze into the sun of our own being……..
and glimpse the rays
of the light
of the Beloved
and the revelation of eternity….

the crowning glory of the moon

June 15, 2015


If thine eye be single it shall be filled with light

the faithful

and ever constant moon

reflects the golden sun

radiant in the crowning glory

of the night

sharing secrets

of the prism of colors

hidden in the light of God

forever blessing

the earth

The Beloved has passed by………

June 15, 2015


We see the beauty and know where the Beloved has been

where the earth has been graced by love

and we sigh and feel

the quickening heartbeat

and the vulnerability

of loving

and surrendering

to God

A moment of the mystery of the universe

June 15, 2015

a moment of the mystery of the universe…

a glimpse

of the reflection

of divine beauty






only a moment……

how can we imagine

the stream of infinity…………

or forever………

Naomi Stone's photo.

And God created woman

June 15, 2015

….and God created woman…….
….and she knew God only as the Beloved…
….and through Love…
…God glimpsed the staggering beauty of His Own Soul…….

Rassouli-goddesses-G.jpg Grace of Alpha 1

the veiling moon

June 14, 2015

11270201_842529002468175_7684826609811021737_o.jpg veil of moon

Each new moment breathes a vision
arising like the mist from the rivering dawn

an invisible choir seems to touch my spirit
with the silken strands of spinning beauty

expressing their songs in a thousand ways
weaving and leaving invisible trails in and out of time

the curve of a smile harboring secrets summons
those who vanish in the slipstream of a dream

an enchanting essence creates and emanates
a fragrance of the Beloved drifting on a breeze

a living garden appears to the surrendered heart
composing and singing a kingdom into being

the Beloved lifts the veil revealing the glorious sacred light
of awakening in the arms of the sweet joy of morning