The Light and Unity of the indwelling Spirit within our being

Eternal Annexation (1)

We are all one in the golden light of love

in ways

we cannot yet bear

to comprehend …

to feel…

to live in the purity of our conception…

……..our unfolding.

….the flowering of the fullness

of divine light…

we vanish

as a separate self..

and discover our becoming

in a new birth

of a brilliant radiance

of belovedness..

Our existence is manifested

in the love

which brought light to the universe…..

and the rays

as the gaze that illuminates

our experiencing of the light within

our own hearts and souls

………the deepest and most profound intimacy possible

between our humanity

and our divinity…


  • Ajit Sripad Rao yes…to bear the unbearable beauty…one must be willing to be shattered, even to the flesh, by the highest love…
  • Naomi Stone Oh yes……
  •  Image by Rassouli

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