0 Beauty of the Night sky 9617631-lg

Awakening in my early hours
I look out to check the sky
and the moon is still out there
shining and smiling and casting a glow
over the earth below

Sometimes I slip into a dream
of a world so much more than it seems
and feel the beauty and love of thy Heart
that split apart like the rays of a prism
to create a paradise
through those dancing eyes

This intimate and holy hour
unveils a vision in the depth of night
and light rays pierce the darkness
as revelations fall like apples from the tree
and everything turns to spring in thee
I fly to the garden to meet thee my love
to catch one more glimpse
of you who creates the beauty I feel
fresh and so divinely real

Silence falls upon on the sacred spaces
of my solitude
and ever so quietly
I open my eyes upon a star-studded darkness
surrounded by that precious Silence
when the Mystery awakens
to give birth
to a private awareness
when beauty spreads out across the night sky
when color springs from the soul
and joy reaches to light the way
to heaven
creating divine secrets to
decorate the dawn

something blooms and flowers in the night
creating a special light
as we wander in the garden
love walks in silent strength where
the Beloved dwells

as a river falls majestically down
the mountain
rushing to water the valley below
and love smiles
upon the sacred power
spinning out life with every breath

the tiny violets in the grass are soft beneath my feet
as I walk barefoot
upon this precious earth
to behold the wonders the Beloved creates

we live in awe
in the wake of the rolling wave
that transforms a barren place into
fruitful land
and a heart space into a living being

we hear the willows in the wind
and feel them brush against our face
hearing the unseen music
drawing us to dance the feelings

overflowing from
our hearts
though centuries pass
and worlds come and go
the Beloved meets us in the garden
to begin again
my love
and your fragrance lingers there

It hovers in blossoming sweetness
in the evening air
and I feel you breathing softly
creating a glowing light
so near my hair

reach to finally touch thee
and you turn and gaze at me
eyes as deep as the glistening sea
creating waves of feeling
leaving me reeling in ecstasy

How could you realize
when you brought heaven to earth
to create a world of grace
the heart would sense thy beauty
in every passing face

Spirit spreads an untouchable glory
stirring my surrendered soul
to sing and tell thy story
of the sweetest deepest well
within…..where you live and dwell

The secret to heaven falls
in the rhythmic rain of spring
creating an eternal dance
on the wings and waves of this romance
spreading smiles in our souls

As I arise in the dark of night
in the ever renewing flight
of the light of Spirit
I know deep within the Heart
it is our laughter and our Joy
that brings the Light


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