You are the child cradled in my arms


The Beloved finds a flight inside
the vastness and purity of love
spiraling deep and high and wide
in the pristine branches of the tree of life
shaking loose the possibilities

the miracle of spirit softly touching
the mystical shores of soul
flowing far beyond our knowing….
gently opening the fertile womb
bathed in a softly falling light

the seeds of life embraced
in a nest now lined with grace
soon to flourish and flower
into glorious expressions
of the unseen Source of life itself

You are the child cradled in my arms
the boy who swings on branches
of the tree of life…I am love
gentling the roar of the lion
rescuing the lamb who has lost its way

I am forever listening
to the silences of the creator
hearing the whispering voice
making a choice
to emerge from the womb..

I feel the movement
pushing free inside of me
the open hands of the earth
and the light of life
welcoming thee

The blazing gaze
of the Beloved igniting
the sparks and sighs
of the fire of love
that never dies

Together we are the spring
flowing forth in the light
of our longing to be free
a rivering kindness
seeking the sea


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