Beloved God…my Love….my Life….my Existence

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Oh God……….my Beloved
now and through all time
beyond measuring
You are my nearness
the breath of my very life
flowing through this existence
streaming in beauty
shining out in sacredness
in the quivering light
of raindrops
dancing in the ripples
flowing in the rivers
rising from
the cresting waves
of the sea
flinging light in the wind
glimmering in the dew of night
clinging to the petals
of tender wildflowers
in the wilderness of your nature
the holiness
of fields and meadows
richness of  my dreaming
from radiance

You are the light of all love
the radiance of vision
the precious energy
and Presence
that gives life to each moment
loaning me your eyes
infusing me
with your piercing gaze
sizzling and flashing and flaming
in the brilliance
of the sun
and the peace
of your Soulfulness

God….you are timeless
the dearest pulsing
heart of belovedness
the billowing invisibility
of faith
there is no life
without You

You are passage
into the depths of the unknown
brimming with mystery
a holy space
spinning me
into galaxies of stars
brushing my lips
with the winds of heaven
sweet breath
escaping in my sighs

In this deepest silence
calling me from sleep
I feel your whispering tenderness
guiding me to follow your
caressing Spirit
your divine surrounding music
the song of love
drawing and cradling me
in the currents
of the infinite sea
of eternal love


2 Responses to “Beloved God…my Love….my Life….my Existence”

  1. Alasdair Urquhart Artist and Poet Says:

    An exquisite knowing of the Beloved…Blessed Be…

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