Majestic radiance and glory of God

11212582_10206821556885472_4594904217908494680_o.jpg Majestic Radiance

What is the majestic radiance
in your deepest self
the radiance that shines out
from the mystical light infused..
in all the world…….
the glory that inspires ..
ignites and creates life
where there was nothing..
that which invades the darkness
the glow that brings beauty to the void
the flow that calls us into being
what is the radiance
that brings shepherds and kings
to their knees.
illuminates the skies………….
gazes through our eyes……
brings light and color and new life
to the catacombs
what glorious light summons
compassion for the afflicted ones
kisses wounded souls
soothes frightened minds
softens the hardened hearts
and restores and renews
the lost and the lonely ones…
millions of stories have been told
imagining endless forms
and names and explanations..
creating illusions and answers
for the mystery of light and the glory
of love that created life…
the deepest wisdom kneels and weeps
before that which awakens us
from ignorance
forgives those who steal
from heaven…
cradles us in beauty
and hold us in eternal arms
of tenderness and love….
we melt in gratitude and innocence
touched by the light
of belovedness
whirling us into being
sharing the pure spring
and the intimacy
of the sweet breath
of life itself………


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