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Dancing with the Light of Love

September 27, 2015

LightDance (1).jpg  Rassouli

Would that I could reach
into the mystery
for the living words

that ignite the first blaze
of light
that gave us fire

or the flash that brings life
to form and starts
a beating heart

the glance that pierces
a heart like a divine arrow
opening the secrets of love

to see into the gift of power
that creates visionaries
here on earth

the most exalted moment
of this existence
was when I fell into love

surrendered my life
to the rivering flow
of a love so deep

i became a sanctuary
for treasuring every life
as a breath of the Beloved

for feeling love overflowing
through the gift
of dwelling in the heart of God


The Portal of the Soul

September 23, 2015

Rassouli_Portal_of_the_Soul (1)
All words coalesce into
the living Word,
descending from reason
through the furnace
of the heart
to be purified
through the fire
of love.

The seeds of light
to the waiting
of the soul.
In the pure stillness
in a centering

Spirit springs forth
conceived in love,
flowing from heart to heart
carrying the nectar
from flower to flower
to fill the air
with the sweetness
of the breath
of a tiny baby
born from
the very breath
of God.

The earth is filled with
the divine light
of the living word
and given birth
through love.

We carry
the creative power
of spirit within us
moved by
the Spirit
from which
we come.

Given life
through the
we are anointed
and embraced
by light
and love.

Our Joy becomes
an overflowing
of living water
the mystical secrets
of communion
the eternal wine
of God.


Painting by Rassouli

The Sacredness of Spirit

September 9, 2015

fog (1)

……a divine secret shimmers in the mist…..

Out of the pure silence

the Spirit moves like breath

a serpentine invisibility

flowing and curling

spiraling from the Source

of existence

mysteriously merging

and manifesting life

breathing us into being

forever creating

miraculously replicating

the ethereal essence

of Spirit

which is eternal


a new covenant   0 a rainbow in the fog

a new covenant

Surrendering spirit

September 1, 2015

surrendering-240712_10150617067395389_695920388_18849851_6449543_o (1)

Love flowing through me
life-giving….luminous fountain of light
touching me awake
am a cosmos of stars
spinning beyond time and place
gently floating spirit caught in the breeze
am the moonlight caressing your face
making your body glow
warmed by the sun of the heart
gazing…..feeling the glory
love like the warmth of a summer rain
surrounding you
precious life forever being created
sweet breath brushing your lips
whispering love
tousling your hair
you are creation’s wondrous
beauty lingering in my infinite
invisibility becoming real
in the intimacy and tenderness
of mingling spirits………