Dancing with the Light of Love

LightDance (1).jpg  Rassouli

Would that I could reach
into the mystery
for the living words

that ignite the first blaze
of light
that gave us fire

or the flash that brings life
to form and starts
a beating heart

the glance that pierces
a heart like a divine arrow
opening the secrets of love

to see into the gift of power
that creates visionaries
here on earth

the most exalted moment
of this existence
was when I fell into love

surrendered my life
to the rivering flow
of a love so deep

i became a sanctuary
for treasuring every life
as a breath of the Beloved

for feeling love overflowing
through the gift
of dwelling in the heart of God


7 Responses to “Dancing with the Light of Love”

  1. Soham Namaskar Says:

    Congratulations loveliness on the release of Rumi Revealed. I have been awaiting its unveiling in keen anticipating. What a gifting!

    Showers of flowers upon your heart, wherever you are, now and always.

    Need I say who? x

  2. Soham Namaskar Says:

    May this find you to be well
    and dwelling in the Heart loveliness


  3. Naomi F Stone Says:

    Is this you, Cailean? I have so often wondered where and how you are!

  4. Soham Namaskar Says:

    Yes loveliness.

    You have likewise so very often arisen in my hearts awareness.

    On seeing Rumi Revealed yesterday evening, I lie not, my smile could have lit up the whole sky.

    I hope you do not mind my saying hello herein?

    With a love to you far beyond the reach of words and the measure of time.


  5. Naomi F Stone Says:

    Thank you for the comments on the Rumi book. It is a work of love! Of course I do not mind…..your comments on my poetry are still here in my earlier works. It has been a while. It appears you are still in England?

    • Soham Namaskar Says:

      It is my pleasure – truly.

      I have never read a single word of yours which hasn’t come from Love.

      Yes, I am indeed still living in London. I would dearly love to live in India but it would appear the Beloved has other plans for me.

      Such is this Mystery!

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