A Cathedral of Silence


It seems I have always

written poetry

that moves my spirit beyond

time and space into a realm

far beyond any words

that could ever truly tell

the story of the glory

of what it reveals to me

It comes as a soft rushing wind

that bursts forth

like a fresh spring of music

comes as a calling

into a kingdom of light

a mystical journey inward

where I can listen

to the songs of the soul

I feel an enchanting beauty

rising like the enchanting mist

from a flowing river

an unseen serenade

spilling from a surrendering love

glowing in the breaking open

of the prism of my heart

There is a deep gifting of God

that swirls and sweeps and shelters

the soul

plunging my spirit

into the presence

of a marvelous silence

glistening like

the play of light on water

or perhaps in the artistic

revelations of a dream

I am cloaked in invisibility

and lost in a mystery

that somehow protects

what I am helpless

to explain

except to cry out

and share the grace

to sing and sing and sing

of the greatest love

that I have ever known


2 Responses to “A Cathedral of Silence”

  1. Abdul Rashid Ghauri Says:

    You are cloaked in in visibility
    Yet you glow with eloquence
    Ah’ so visible ah’ so vivid-
    By your words-
    By your art-
    With a spirit yours!
    Named, Naomi Stone!!!

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