My Heart Overflowing

ws_beautiful_ocean_wave_1680x10501.jpg  overflowing
My Heart Overflowing…
Wandering in the timelessness
of the infinite expression
of the Source of all beginnings
the ethereal mist
of the lightness of Spirit
the elusive mysteriousness
of the spring of all well being
I soar in the enchanting flight
of that which disappears from sight
melting me into sweet rain
and turning me into snowflakes
and spreading me across the sky
in soft colors and clouds
and sweeping winds
I am One with an intimate Beloved
that touches and moves me
in every waking moment
a world at my feet
and through a sky beyond
my scope of seeing
stirring feeling and song
the sweetest joy
and the deepest love
I have ever known
the light of my being
and breath of my life
appears and vanishes at will
settling in my soul
and flowing in Spirit
flowering in whispers of love
in moments of rivering surprise
always and forever new…

One Response to “My Heart Overflowing”

  1. Ingrid Henzler Says:

    each of your poems dear Naomi is an endless flow of grace …. love lyrics in highest praise and devotion …. oneness with the Beloved you touch and feel and merge into…. and the softness and delicacy of your heart flows into a river of sweetest poetic joy…. oh golden silver nectar….. may I drink a sip of the vine you offer us Beloved … and let me too be drunk with sweetest agape…. Naomi is your channel through who you love to talk and whisper and sing melodies ever new…….

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