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Dear one…

January 31, 2016
wallpapers-room-com-field-by-dinesiac-1440x9001-jpg.jpg Light of earth
How could light be separated from light
luminous radiance shining
as its very nature
casting beams
at play
finding its way
glowing and enlightening
spilling its rays
 as the crystal clarity
of water flows
or when the glory of light falls around
the shoulders of a woman
in the streaming waves
of her hair
catching the sun
the stars shimmering
in her eyes
as the universe
pours the grace of life
in her womb
scattering seeds of light
that glisten
and ripple upon
a silken sea
nurturing a place for thee
to be born
again and again
with infinite faces
of light
creating the mystery of life
spinning a garden
of life itself
in endless variation
caressing and mixing colors
with love and laughter
and sweet desire
writing and painting
with the tips
of flames of dancing fire
scattering seeds in fertile ground
greening the earth
as it spins round and round
creating pure
 and flowing rain
to entice it all to grow
we awaken in paradise
cloaked in light
gifted with sight to behold
a beauty we have
never known
cradled in love
our spirits one with your golden sun
embraced in spiraling arms
 of glorious light
granting us
flight to touch the sky
in this new
and precious freedom
lighter than air
you generously share
your divinity
and whisper a promise
of life
a taste of infinity
to be one
with the light from which we come
how can we comprehend
the possibility
of life
without end
living the story
in the glory of your arms
suddenly we feel
how real
is the kingdom
when we sigh and whisper
your precious name

Sanctuary of Silence

January 29, 2016

999615_10202687226649800_1636529639_n (1).jpg dawn

The sky is streaked with the soft color
of roseness
as the light gently rising
over the horizon
is just beginning
to create this new day

The beauty with a glow of its own
slides like silk
slipping away and eluding
my words
like the waves rise
in the wind
to touch the sun
and vanish into the sea

The moment shivers a little and draws
from the warmth of love inside
stirring my heart
like stoking a fire
hungry for air
the breath of innocence
in the sweet sighs
of surrendering

No matter how many ways
our new stories are shared
through centuries
of time
our secrets
are inscribed in the dew
opening the delicate
petals of dawn


Who do you say that I am?

January 27, 2016
11hqo2q.jpg  image of spirit
Instead of dwelling on why it seems like someone leaves us
when they are no longer in our lives
for whatever reason
or even 
when they die
and are physically gone
from this earth
I focus on the beauty and freedom 
of their spirit 
and feel my love for them
become more aware 
of the fragrance and essence of their life 
what brought them joy 
the sound of their laughter
and suddenly
they are with me
and companion my life
 in an entirely 
new and creative way
instead of losing anyone
they flow 
in a fusion
of soulfulness
and spirit that touches
the infinite well of eternal moments
we are able to enjoy
My life continually expands 
forever making room
for new 
a divine mystery
pure love
and creativity
Image created by Farshchian

Life with the Beloved

January 26, 2016

e28cd7a11cba969b024b6804708cdf50.jpg  Infinite Journey  Rassouli

 the journey with the Beloved
is infinite
life-giving and spontaneous
delightfully surprising
gloriously exalting
wildly creative
yet an experience of grace
clothed in
a greening peace
we are swept
into a streaming creativity
that is by its very nature
always changing
springs and rivers of belovedness
endlessly flowing
awakening spirit
beyond all imagination
yet freeing
the purity of the light
and the Source
of life
to express itself
through a surrendered soul
image created by Rassouli
“Infinite Journey”

The infinite secret of intimacy

January 25, 2016


There is the sweetest intimacy
deep within each of us
an essence of trembling fragrance
rising in a vanishing mist
of magnificent love
that touches the warmth
of a soul flaring and swirling
in the soft glow of light
a divine swaying
beholding a piercing glance
feeling the invisible touch of grace
cradled in arms
bestowing a gentle grace
flowing from an eternal spring
with the aching tenderness
of an overflowing heart

we search the world
for this secret bliss when
all the while it is curled
inside the smile
of the womb of life inside us
where the Beloved rests
as an embryo
waiting to be born
in the light of morning
on the crest of the wave
of love’s deepest longing


The Beloved is waiting

January 23, 2016

11391430_837711412949392_796595192864347486_n.jpg  the beloved

Beholding the Beloved…..everywhere…

January 17, 2016

634d9d99d62b57e9f70c1a3813f1b8da.jpg  Farshchian

The surrendered heart and soul yields 

to the divine gaze

of the Spirit of Love 

and beholds the Beloved


invisibly hidden 

in the whispering breath 

and revelations

created by God Alone..

529133_3743255867943_725762443_n1.jpg farshchian

Images created by Farschian

the mystical garden

January 9, 2016



I truly don’t intend to be deliberately obscure
in singing of the wonder and thrill of the mystical moments
that have swept me into the winds of timelessness
there is a certain helplessness in surrendering to beauty
that guides my life deeply into the transparency of clouds
whispering secrets and creating veils around the moon…
a garden drawing me like the tides rolling out to sea
the sweet surprise of belovedness beyond my words
a music that invites the dance of the soul within a Soul…


(image created by Rassouli)

Sheltering wings of Spirit

January 8, 2016

62810334_6be1f56cb1_b.jpg  dove

Catching the currents of air

riding the crest of the waves

of the sweet breath of freedom

love lifting invisible wings of spirit

to feel the lightness of being….


The gospel of glorious love

January 7, 2016

1526566_10206413877333738_2037633856212679409_n.jpg blue moon blue flowers..........mystical

Time slips into the crevice between worlds
the past pours down like rain
vanishing into a sandy shore

Light dances upon the eyelids
making patterns upon the heart
luring us to follow the silence of wings

A fragrance of night blooming jasmine
stimulates our dreaming
streaming in the purity and wilderness of you

Stars twinkling and winking as laughter echoes
in waves through the skies of heaven
shining in our bewildered eyes

We awaken quietly within the dream
as a morning glory blooms
softly cradling the moon

Sunlight cloaks the earth with golden
light as a quivering stillness hovers
within our enraptured souls

Fluttering fragrance from the petals of roses
emerge from buds unwound and loosened
by sweet songs of the nightingale

The musky nearness of the Beloved
awakens every sense and cell
as the breeze arouses us from sleep

Murmuring through shivers of ecstasy
we fall into cosmic arms kissed
by the mist of an eternal dawn

Whatever and whoever we might be
is reflected only in thee dear One
swirling in the rhythms of your Sacred Heart

Blessed answer to every prayer
our hearts feel you here and everywhere
in the intimate breathing of your whispering love

Surrounding us in glorious essence
slipping through lips blessed by the caressing
communion of your purest wine

Morning brings new moments of you
and we sing of joy and divine surprise
glowing in the light of love-filled eyes

What a gift to feel you in the morning light
and brimming over as the evening dew
reborn in the blissful glory of loving you..