A Song of New Beginnings

647266b6b3a97376e48ff0963f54a7ae.jpg  Farshchian  Enchantment


I arise in the silence of the night

sliding  fingers of awareness

through the darkness

like soft strands of silken hair

opening my being to the life-giving

embrace of those invisible  arms

drawing me close

to feel the pulsing energy of the heart

of the Source of All Life


I am drawn like the moon moves the tides

by a sweet silent luring

a deep interior calling

awakening me to feel those precious eyes

beholding me with Love


I feel the gaze that draws me inside the mystery

of solitude that shelters

this gentle presence I have known since

the beginning of time

feeling the breath of spirit softly

whispering light into my soul

that I might  know the Beloved is truly here


Every moment of this love is a new beginning

a new life of spirit flowing beyond time

a freedom only God can give


our surrendering



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Image by Farshchian

2 Responses to “A Song of New Beginnings”

  1. David Hirstius Says:

    This evokes the experience I have so often during night vigil prayers, at the monastery and at my home.

    • Naomi F Stone Says:

      I feel our common voice as I read through your entries and sharing….there is a quality that is cloaked in the silences so beautifully sheltered by the Beloved who embraces us All,
      the One who whispers, “I will call her into solitude, and there I wil speak to her heart.” It is in that gentle breath where we meet….

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