The gospel of glorious love

1526566_10206413877333738_2037633856212679409_n.jpg blue moon blue flowers..........mystical

Time slips into the crevice between worlds
the past pours down like rain
vanishing into a sandy shore

Light dances upon the eyelids
making patterns upon the heart
luring us to follow the silence of wings

A fragrance of night blooming jasmine
stimulates our dreaming
streaming in the purity and wilderness of you

Stars twinkling and winking as laughter echoes
in waves through the skies of heaven
shining in our bewildered eyes

We awaken quietly within the dream
as a morning glory blooms
softly cradling the moon

Sunlight cloaks the earth with golden
light as a quivering stillness hovers
within our enraptured souls

Fluttering fragrance from the petals of roses
emerge from buds unwound and loosened
by sweet songs of the nightingale

The musky nearness of the Beloved
awakens every sense and cell
as the breeze arouses us from sleep

Murmuring through shivers of ecstasy
we fall into cosmic arms kissed
by the mist of an eternal dawn

Whatever and whoever we might be
is reflected only in thee dear One
swirling in the rhythms of your Sacred Heart

Blessed answer to every prayer
our hearts feel you here and everywhere
in the intimate breathing of your whispering love

Surrounding us in glorious essence
slipping through lips blessed by the caressing
communion of your purest wine

Morning brings new moments of you
and we sing of joy and divine surprise
glowing in the light of love-filled eyes

What a gift to feel you in the morning light
and brimming over as the evening dew
reborn in the blissful glory of loving you..


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