Who do you say that I am?

11hqo2q.jpg  image of spirit
Instead of dwelling on why it seems like someone leaves us
when they are no longer in our lives
for whatever reason
or even 
when they die
and are physically gone
from this earth
I focus on the beauty and freedom 
of their spirit 
and feel my love for them
become more aware 
of the fragrance and essence of their life 
what brought them joy 
the sound of their laughter
and suddenly
they are with me
and companion my life
 in an entirely 
new and creative way
instead of losing anyone
they flow 
in a fusion
of soulfulness
and spirit that touches
the infinite well of eternal moments
we are able to enjoy
My life continually expands 
forever making room
for new 
a divine mystery
pure love
and creativity
Image created by Farshchian

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