Dear one…

wallpapers-room-com-field-by-dinesiac-1440x9001-jpg.jpg Light of earth
How could light be separated from light
luminous radiance shining
as its very nature
casting beams
at play
finding its way
glowing and enlightening
spilling its rays
 as the crystal clarity
of water flows
or when the glory of light falls around
the shoulders of a woman
in the streaming waves
of her hair
catching the sun
the stars shimmering
in her eyes
as the universe
pours the grace of life
in her womb
scattering seeds of light
that glisten
and ripple upon
a silken sea
nurturing a place for thee
to be born
again and again
with infinite faces
of light
creating the mystery of life
spinning a garden
of life itself
in endless variation
caressing and mixing colors
with love and laughter
and sweet desire
writing and painting
with the tips
of flames of dancing fire
scattering seeds in fertile ground
greening the earth
as it spins round and round
creating pure
 and flowing rain
to entice it all to grow
we awaken in paradise
cloaked in light
gifted with sight to behold
a beauty we have
never known
cradled in love
our spirits one with your golden sun
embraced in spiraling arms
 of glorious light
granting us
flight to touch the sky
in this new
and precious freedom
lighter than air
you generously share
your divinity
and whisper a promise
of life
a taste of infinity
to be one
with the light from which we come
how can we comprehend
the possibility
of life
without end
living the story
in the glory of your arms
suddenly we feel
how real
is the kingdom
when we sigh and whisper
your precious name

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