The Spirit of Love

00 10-04-New  Waterfall


Sometimes I wander in

beautiful places


bask in the wonder

of favorite faces


fly in the music

of glorious voices



where my soul rejoices


remembering the rhythm

of dancing feet


till I am swirling again

and feeling the beat


I drift in the river

flowing and free


feel the spray of waves

from a wild sea


I kneel in quiet churches

to pray


listening to all my heart

wants to say


moment by moment

my Creator’s charms


are cradling me

in my Beloved’s arms


opening my eyes

to visual surprise



into whispering sighs


calling me deep

and eternally


​into the sweet secrets

of mystery


no matter where

I explore and roam


it is in the Spirit of Love

where I am home




Rassouli-goddesses-G.jpg Grace of Alpha 1

Sheltered in the Grace of a greater heart

the Source of all Love


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