The freedom only God can give..



I am the open door for the infinite love of God 001 (2)

In the deeper silences
of the sacred chambers of the soul
a soft veil surrounds the mysterious secrets
of freedom
the gentle light of beauty breaking forth
like the silvery glow
slipping from an overflowing moon
coaxing the sea
to uncurl its rising waves
and touch the shore
of our deepest longings

The sun rising over the horizon
spills its golden light
in streaming rays
bringing the warmth of dawn
caressing the earth
melting our resistance
to awakening
inviting us to arise
the deep places
of sleep

Love is the mystical alchemy
shimmering in
the divine music
of the songs
only lovers can hear
the sacred touch of spirit
that comes unseen
in the night
inviting the flight
of the soul
spreading invisible wings
of spirit
to live the freedom
only pure love
can give



Image created by Rassouli….

“I am an open door to the infinite love of God”

One Response to “The freedom only God can give..”

  1. New Earth Heartbeat Says:

    Thank you, Naomi! This is deeply nourishing!

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