The other side of time

_2013-09-07-166263.jpg  light  Aaron
​It is my monastic time
cloaked in a reign of silence
and although the night wears darkness
around its shoulders
there is a glow within
that illuminates
the mystical corridors
that guide us toward the light
and revelation of God
to enter into the sweet belovedness
the embracing warmth
and Grace
of the ultimate Friend
The path to Love
is marked by precious gems
mirrored in the skies
the cosmic display of creation
that scatters diamonds
revealing planets
spiraling and spinning lights
the Hand that
paints the mysteries with glorious colors
whirls and shapes the beauty
to share an
unfolding story
before our watchful eyes
We make up names for everything
and think we are so wise
that we can
explain the rainbows
following the rain
or the color spectrum
in crystals
or the visionary prism
in a mystic’s eye
The continents shift and move
playing with our
history books
exposing our theories
as only moments
in time
 always more than
we could even imagine
sages and swamis and bishops
emperors and kings
judges and presidents
stumble and fall
for no one is given the right
to know it all
We share in the cosmic dance
launch rockets and peer
through telescopes
walk on the barren moon
and wonder
where the Beloved
has gone
and from somewhere in spacelessness
we hear laughter
echoing through the skies
a lightning bolt
flies from an unseen hand
shriveling our
manmade expertise
to dust
The promises are veiled in mystery
unraveling our tapestries
as quickly as we
think we know
for nothing stays within
our quest
for certainty
except the whirling ever changing
energy of Love
that redeems us with Grace
gently cradling us
in the
forgiving arms

One Response to “The other side of time”

  1. Naomi F Stone Says:

    Photograph by Aaron Priest Photography..

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