the bride of Light…

 Rassouli-greetngthedawn (1)
Only God can lift the veil of
our perceived identity
in the world..
to let the light of awareness fall 
on that beginning 
from which all consciousness proceeds..
from the Source of All  Beginnings..
Only God can choose to allow one to gaze
through the light of Spirit..
to see deeply 
into the mystical darkness
of that which 
is yet unformed
We must be called to union
as a bride of freedom
to remain on earth.. aware of boundaries
and yet feel the creative power
of flight that breaks 
the bonds of human form alone
to co-exist in two realities
at once
parallel and pure
the oneness of non-duality 
where separation is not possible
but flows in the rivering
light of no return..
Image created by Rassouli..
“Greeting the dawn”

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