In the gentle rising of prayer

In the gentle rising of prayer
In the sacred space of the purity of silence
I come to the sheltering grace of the ever radiant presence
of the overflowing light of the Source
of all beginnings
feeling the glowing touch of Spirit
the Oneness of that love that guides our flight
in gentle songs and divine whispers
to hover and gaze at creation’s images
to feel the souls who are swept into the sweet breath
of God’s own communion
to create
and reflect the richness of color
the flow of the sea
the infinite reach of the sky
to be personally touched by the land
manifesting and blossoming with breathtaking beauty
greening with life itself
We are ever blessed
to behold the expressions of belovedness
that flow from the One Life and energy
from which we all come
to feel the thrill of moving in and being moved
by the Spirit of God
Some fly free beyond the body
some still nestle in the forms we were given
we fall into music
dance in the rising and setting sun
play in the stars
are kissed by the mist and glistening dew
like the petaled roses in gardens
or in the wild rose
rocked by the winds of wilderness
filled with the golden nectar
and light of the sun
Our names vanish in the hearts that throb
with the Love of the greater Heart
that gathers us in the flow of revelation
caressing us with the light
of holy anointing
transporting and transfiguring
how we appear
by falling within
the depth of who we truly are
into the clarity and purity
of the deep well
of being
of surrendering and vanishing
the precious fire
of Love
of the Beloved

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