Journey of Love

Rassouli-Journey-of- (2)

Wandering, listening, keeping a vigil, gazing,
moved to tears at times by compassion,
gentle music, light filled landscapes,
requests for prayers, some even asking
for a warm embrace, a touch of grace.

In this early morning silence,
I hear an anthem, a communion song,
where we meet in the flow of human cries
sharing our laughter,
the loneliness of pain,
the victories and the light
we see in another’s eyes.

Walking in a soft spring rain
we exchange a glance
and feel the dance of life together.
Grateful for those who brave the wilderness
catching their moments on film
to share their gold
in the visions they behold,

We vanish in a painting
and feel the artist’s vision,
delight in a crashing surf,
quietly wondering sometimes,
if anyone is out there somewhere,
and if they truly care.
I can hear the muffled cries
the lonely sighs,
as my eyes fill with tears.

Sometimes our stories are real
and hearts are pure and true.
Sometimes they are not,
but still we reach to feel a part
embraced in the oneness
of a universal heart.

We are companions on this journey
when we reach out in longing
yearning for a sense
of true belonging.

The greatest Love the world
has ever known is so very near,
if we could only open
with the faith to hear and feel
how real the whispering spirit can be
who truly does reside and dwell deep inside
this sanctuary of grace, the sea
where we are one.


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