The indestructible Holy Spirit

I so love the way I feel the nearness of God in all the ways Love creates all form and beauty here on earth, intimately sharing in countless ways, but when I was guided to open to Spirit and the great Mystery of the inexpressible, the Light and flow of divine energy, of that invisible essence of living Presence, the unlimited, unconditional, gloriously creative, ever-expanding Nature of Divine Spirit, I fell into Wonder and Awe in a way that changed my life completely… into Faith and Trust and surrendering Love beyond my human limitations, beyond imagining. We are cradled in Brilliance, in Generosity, in Genius, in Divine relationship with God, forever preparing the way for us, never leaving us, forever creating, forever loving us. Spirit is indestructible, beyond human manipulation, this is Divine Promise….the ultimate Joy…the pinnacle of Life itself…

The Divine Domain…is hidden….protected….concealed……in the cloud of unknowing,

 the indestructible, the great unknown,  spacelessness, placelessness,

beyond name, deep in the uncreated  possibilities

known to the Spirit of God Alone.

Love is the Fire that burns but does not destroy….

the Flame that Lights our way forever….

The Breath that kindles, activates,

and nurtures

All Life

1463417_586335301402801_1343474464_n.jpg opening portal of light

An opening portal of perception

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