Infinite depth of my Beloved God


Swans in the gliding path of infinity

by Priti Ghosh


We can fall into the rabbit hole

of wonderland

flounder in the deep gaze
of a woman
fall through a mirror
into the unexplored darkness
the reflections
swim in the play of light
in the wine
wander through the labyrinth
of the mind
be tumbled and tossed
in the depths of a turbulent sea
tiptoe through the stars
bask in the moonlight
shower in the morning sun
melt into the musk
a creative man
dance with the mystics
in the swirling mist
senses whirling
surrender into the spiraling
chain of life
die and be born again
in a thousand ways
and we would
only touch the beginnings
of what is possible
the labyrinth of the eternal
mystery is everlasting
arising from
forever expanding
creative and infinite depth
of the glorious heart of my Beloved
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One Response to “Infinite depth of my Beloved God”

  1. Naomi F Stone Says:

    Priti Ghosh is an artist and resident from the ashram of Sri Aurobindo in India

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