The golden flames of the Beloved

The song begins
touching the inner music..
opening the heart
and stirring the soul..
a flow of breath
that moves my own..
Messiah  R
The light of awareness
comes as a sweet caress
beyond time and date..
a call to create and celebrate..
to share the vision for all to see
the glorious Love that sets us free..
Feel the power of this mystery
dancing us all toward infinity..
the light that moves invisibly
in a delicate flight of ecstacy..
the promise of life is more than we know..
the spiritual grace of an embracing flow..
Eternal moments conceal a hidden spring
gentle seasons of blossoming
calling us deep into remembering
sacred portals of surrendering..
like unseen wings beyond the sun
arriving now to make us One…
This is the Easter of pastures green
our time of beholding and being seen..
we feel the fire of a love that’s true..
the leaping flames of life so new..
opening hearts like a crimson flower
forever expansion of creative power..
Image by Rassouli…

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