In the Garden


In the Garden…
I watch with him in the garden
my heart ever awake through his breathing,
awash with tears from his eyes
suspended in the gaze of surrendering love,
kneeling in its truth and feeling how real
is the agonizing passion that grips his heart.

One in being with the Spirit that gives us Life,
there is no separation, no place to hide,
beneath this sacred sun, there is only One.
I cannot run, for I have no feet but his.
Not my will, no will but thine, O Lord, I whisper
through his lips, for I have no words but his.

What I behold through his eyes,
I could not bear alone, so I must face
the thundering sound of God,
the blinding flash of lightning and
the shaking of the earth upon which he kneels.
I taste the blood of his wounds and weep with him.

Rising from the darkened tomb of night,
I feel the wind of Spirit lifting him, taking me along,
share his gift of flight into a brilliant light.
I sing the song he sings, breathe the breath
of God that renews and clasps him as his own
secure in the glow of Love that will never let us go.


2 Responses to “In the Garden”

  1. Ingrid Henzler Says:

    Oh Naomi……. your poem…… your words…. your vision perceived…… your share….. it is so far from the everyday experienced world with its challenges and hopes …. the fights….. and yet….. I perceive a glimpse …. and become so utterly still….. and read again…… and merge into this ocean….. of compassion….. of love……. beholding what is allowed for me to feel ….

    thank you Naomi.

  2. Naomi F Stone Says:

    Oh Ingrid! We share this precious love through His Grace…….thank you, thank you for your loving response…

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