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Song of belovedness..

April 24, 2016


song of the caressing winds of belovedness

the dew in the garden is an elixir
which is the quintessence of presence
sacred light longing to anoint your eyes

the dawn is a new threshold
and the visions are more radiant than ever before
as if this is the first moment of vision

the beloved sings in the wind
and the playful sound
aligns your heart with mine

may this devoted lover be yours
for in the divine light of your sacred heart
you are glowing brighter than the stars

words tumble humbly from my lips
before your inexpressible beauty
each encounter is pure delight

the touch is more real than any before
bringing the inner senses to life
turning everything to music

the light appears everywhere
in the heart of the tiniest firefly
shining through the love of beholding

drawing you into the cloud of unknowing
to feel the lightning of love
sending soft sensual arrows straight into your heart

wounding you with tenderness
that leaves you sighing with ecstasy
and rising in the delicate elegance of spirit

creating a field of radiant energy
surrounding and flowing from your being
filling your cells with the light of grace

the rays of my gaze will follow your steps
as you walk this earth
casting a light like a candle in the dark

the caressing wind of my spirit
will lift you beyond all that would limit
your freedom to love and be loved…

singing an eternal song celebrating belovedness
falling upon the page and into your heart
writing with the lightness of pure love


Cradled in beauty

April 21, 2016
1900257_600373673375302_1501964444_o  garden   skyline
A timeless bridge..a field of dreams..
creatively manifesting
points of communion..intersecting pathways
the vast reach of spirit
and the resilience of the natural world
moves my existence
to create
a garden for the soul..
a cosmic sky that settles around me
in the lightness of air
like an invisible cloak of life-giving breath
sustaining a hologram
of rays of light
slipping from the sun
and moon
and the stars
from the source of all

Light our way with Love

April 19, 2016


wallpapers-room-com-field-by-dinesiac-1440x9001-jpg.jpg Light of earth


Over and over the message seems to flow
in infinite ways to let us know
that love is the shift that swings and sways
to open a heart that sings and plays
soft and lightly in the open air,
to whisper and share a deeper prayer
that we might learn to truly care,
to feel love’s grace from a higher place
and find a sweet nest where we can rest.
Love invites us to renew and be
the kind of friend that helps us see
the light that guides us straight to thee,
the source of all that sets us free!
May we feel the spirit in its silent flight
lighten the night and anoint each day
that love might find a kinder way
to reveal and heal and learn to bless
every life with tenderness.
Draw near and make thy presence known.
Help us hear thy voice inside our own.


Sharing holy hour..

April 16, 2016
The hour before dawn is filled with revelations for the soul..
which could also mean the dawning of a new freedom..
as well as the rising of the sun
on a new day..
this sacred silence brings..
a whispering intimacy that breathes
from a sensual wildflower
still shimmering
with the dew from an
awakening kiss..
apple blossoms set free on a breeze
settling in my hair
brushing against my skin
on their way
to experience..
for the first time..
the softness of green grass
the way
the light falls
on a mountain
at a certain moment..
a glimpse of the unspoiled freedom
and sweetness
of a child’s open face..
a mountain child
first light
reveals the blue
still mixed with night
and a soft pink that excites my heart..
like the afterglow of wine..
the sound of laughter
of a friend
echoing in my
joy cometh in the morning
when the air
is cast
in the light
of a pure freshness
that floods those present to it
with a veil of transparency
of well being

Divine breath creates the song…

April 11, 2016


904151_10201727870892247_1085972607_o.jpg distant fifer


Some days I open the floodgates
of visions within my heart,
and I see and feel everything
as new
because I am new….
like a shooting star
streaking across the sky
or a spirit dancing in the garden..
Sometimes I am moonglow slipping
from the moon
settling gently in slow motion
to lie in the grass
and gaze
at the stars..
laughing at everything..
delighting in the beauty..
in the light of imagination..
Yet.. for me..
I am like a winged
of love
drifting and dancing
wings of twinkling stardust
of the
spirit of love..
out of sight
in a most
precious sanctuary
as light as
sweet essence
of intimate
warming my being..
a cosmic womb
creating seeds of light
from oneness..
a soft implosion
sweet taste of wine
in a hidden
a spark
that arcs from
within my being..
and am blessed
to behold the world
through the
of the One
creates it all…..


painting by Rassouli

Love is life to me

April 7, 2016



O love, I feel you in the rain,
in open space, an unknown face
in a private place within my soul,
in nature’s grace, you gaze at me.

Letting the raindrops caress my face
leaving glistening trails like tears,
in moments of remembering,
you ignite a secret glow within my heart.

Watching wildflowers dance in the wind
playing and swaying in your golden light
free in the rays of a streaming sun,
you kindle the spark of freedom’s fire.

Melting in the sweet song of the river
wandering and winding wherever it goes,
I go along and trust what it knows,
a rushing flow on its way to the sea.

In the luminous light of the moon
weaving my way through the stars,
your currents of love are guiding me
into the wonders of a life with thee…


Whispers of prayer at dawn

April 5, 2016
wallpapers-room-com-field-by-dinesiac-1440x9001-jpg.jpg Light of earth
Truly grateful for the wonderful souls
that grace my world,
those who gentle my existence
and give me hope,
fill my open heart with joy,
sweetening the moments
by sharing and forming
a covenant friendship creating
a flow of energy moving between us
connected by
the delicate strands of spirit,
moments made eternal
through generosity of faith
and love
and pure intention.

The mystical veil

April 2, 2016
I awaken in the silence of the night
and feel an overflowing love
expressing itself
brimming and spilling 
from my heart,
like an infinity pool forever flowing.
A deep awareness of God
is breathing for me
when I am least aware of it.
A soft embracing energy within me
is seeking balance
bringing the warmth and light
of life to the very soul of my being.
The Beloved is streaming
as a highly creative
empowering Presence 
my cellular memory 
with a peace that truly does
move beyond 
all understanding.
A sacred trust overwhelms
and surrounds me 
like a veil
spun from the mist 
of loving tears.
 (It is forever new
like the first breath of innocence.
I meet it ever so humbly
and gratefully.)