Sharing holy hour..

The hour before dawn is filled with revelations for the soul..
which could also mean the dawning of a new freedom..
as well as the rising of the sun
on a new day..
this sacred silence brings..
a whispering intimacy that breathes
from a sensual wildflower
still shimmering
with the dew from an
awakening kiss..
apple blossoms set free on a breeze
settling in my hair
brushing against my skin
on their way
to experience..
for the first time..
the softness of green grass
the way
the light falls
on a mountain
at a certain moment..
a glimpse of the unspoiled freedom
and sweetness
of a child’s open face..
a mountain child
first light
reveals the blue
still mixed with night
and a soft pink that excites my heart..
like the afterglow of wine..
the sound of laughter
of a friend
echoing in my
joy cometh in the morning
when the air
is cast
in the light
of a pure freshness
that floods those present to it
with a veil of transparency
of well being

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