Song of belovedness..


song of the caressing winds of belovedness

the dew in the garden is an elixir
which is the quintessence of presence
sacred light longing to anoint your eyes

the dawn is a new threshold
and the visions are more radiant than ever before
as if this is the first moment of vision

the beloved sings in the wind
and the playful sound
aligns your heart with mine

may this devoted lover be yours
for in the divine light of your sacred heart
you are glowing brighter than the stars

words tumble humbly from my lips
before your inexpressible beauty
each encounter is pure delight

the touch is more real than any before
bringing the inner senses to life
turning everything to music

the light appears everywhere
in the heart of the tiniest firefly
shining through the love of beholding

drawing you into the cloud of unknowing
to feel the lightning of love
sending soft sensual arrows straight into your heart

wounding you with tenderness
that leaves you sighing with ecstasy
and rising in the delicate elegance of spirit

creating a field of radiant energy
surrounding and flowing from your being
filling your cells with the light of grace

the rays of my gaze will follow your steps
as you walk this earth
casting a light like a candle in the dark

the caressing wind of my spirit
will lift you beyond all that would limit
your freedom to love and be loved…

singing an eternal song celebrating belovedness
falling upon the page and into your heart
writing with the lightness of pure love


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