The Eternal Moment

02-12-SoulMigration.jpg  Rassouli
The Eternal Moment
Cold morning rain blurring my windows
running streams flooding the morning from colorless skies
lowering a veil over my gazing eyes
as I search like a bride for the blessing of a golden sun
to cast its awakening light on the glory of spring
wanting to dance with the wildflowers
and to celebrate everything..
 Seems the earth is thirsty drinking it in..
but the tender leaves are shivering as the cold raindrops
relentlessly pound and knock them around
for the buds had already appeared on a warm day
when an untimely freeze knocked them all to the ground..
sometimes Nature betrays the hidden secrets whispering
signals that it is time to shift to spring..
Wondering if the same thing happens to us when we sing
and open our hearts to celebrate and create
as a soft caressing wind incites a hope of tenderness
and something rips our world apart and leaves a mess instead
of shocking loss and shattered dreams
and somehow we are left to start all over and begin again
expecting us to trust such fickle seasons..
Left alone and feeling bereft we search for reasons
our vision now blurred with tears instead of summer rain..
spring becomes a flaunting beauty somehow gone astray
wounding us with crushing pain as a blinding sadness blocks our way
nothing to say except to cry out about the unfairness of it all
why is it winter in my heart and whatever happened to fall
for ice is forming on my wings and I feel so frail and small..
The tiny spark inside this heart is dimming way too soon
and cannot last without the breath that warmed the seed and gave me life..
I weep and pray for faith to kindle hope in what I cannot see or feel
needing something real to help me find a way through chilling rain
to cry out to the love that moves within to live again
and suddenly the flame ignites and I feel the flow and know
those greater arms that catch me as I spin and fall..
Softly the air shapes itself into a love beyond the seasons
holds me close to a greater heart that quiets my hopeless reasons
with rhythmic beats anointing mine with the flooding sweetness of the purest wine
warming my lips with a kindness I cannot explain
a music flowing inside of me like a river of silken rain
enticing my spirit to rise from the night to dance with an inner light
of a belovedness only God can give to truly make the Choice to live..

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