What does the sky have to say…

f4db79fce426a7d6f979d00dacb38900.jpg embrace of the beloved
Free to dream and play
and see what the sky has to say
this marvelous morning..
The sky is wearing a deep blue robe
in this hour before dawn
cradling a glowing crescent moon
as it glides across a cloudless sky
bursting with life in the light of your smile.
You bless my eyes as I rush to my open window to
catch a glimpse of your mystical play
before it vanishes in the
 crowning gold of your rising sun.
The infinite reach of the sky seems to rest
lightly around your shoulders,
your hidden arms drawing me closer to thee
showering me
with undiscovered treasures
 creating the hum of music
scattering stars, creating new worlds,
wearing a new expression every hour
floating rainbows in puddles
and ponds and morning dew,
in my eyes gazing at you,
brushing the sky with colors,
combing the clouds into curls
and pictures
telling stories,
turning and spinning the earth
in a dazzling display
of beauty
expressing your love
to this surrendered heart
in a dance of love
that never ends.
Oh Heart of my heart,
your grace softly surrounds my soul
you breathe me into being
and give me life..

One Response to “What does the sky have to say…”

  1. Naomi F Stone Says:

    painting by Rassouli…

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