infinite love of God

maxresdefault (1).jpg womb of infinite possibilities

a portal to the womb of infinite possibilities

the rhythm of a rising wave
in the wake of dreams
caressing whispers stirring
my heart
the invisibility of love
its shielding strength and power
beauty breaking open
the silences of surrounding
spaces all around
and within
spreading sweet fragrance
in its flow
enhancing vision
creating life sustaining energy
a spark igniting into flame
revealing secrets to the soul
smiles of inner joy
tears of tenderness
sighs rising from intimacy
of nearness
breath of God a revelation
hidden in transparency
freedom of spirit a misty cloud
vanishing in the movement
of a spinning earth
giving birth
to infinite forms of life
lightning flashes
of infused thought
surrendering trust and wonder
lightness of being
feeling like quivering wings
a formless flight
through the grace
of transcendence
a precious sanctuary
of peace and love
we each create with God


a portal to the womb of infinite possibilities…..

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